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POPLAR GROVE (WREX) — Back in December, Poplar Grove announced it got thousands of dollars to help local businesses impacted by COVID-19. Now, we know what businesses will get that money.

Eight businesses got money through the village’s Back in Business in Poplar Grove Grant. Each business got at least $2,500. Some businesses got $25,000. One of the businesses to get $25,000 was Hydeout Bar & Grill.

“It just means a ton to us,” said Hydeout Bar & Grill Co-Owner Matt Nebiu. “I mean we were struggling. It’s March, it’s going to be a year that things shut down and we’re struggling. It means the world to us.”

In order to be eligible for the money, businesses had to meet multiple requirements, like showing a significant negative financial impact due to COVID-19 and earning less than $2.5 million in annual revenue in 2019.

“I believe the purpose is to keep them going so that they’re still here.,” said Poplar Grove Village President Owen Costanza. “Because a lot of these businesses were teetering you know ‘Do I buy food for the weekend or do I not.’ How do you plan for that?

In total, the village gave out $100,081. Grant money also went to:

  • Aida Electronics for $5,000.
  • Matthew Noble for $2,581.
  • Overall Automotive for $10,000.
  • Poplar Grind for $5,000.
  • Generations Dental for $25,000.
  • Bravo Pizza for $12,500.
  • Arturo’s Mexican Restaurant for $15,000.