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Working together we have accomplished the following:


✓   62 new home constructed, 7.1 million dollars in equalized assessed value Aprox $300,000 in new property taxes to our county is taxing bodies included in that number – $134,000 new tax dollars to the school district.
✓   2 parks were completed and equipped with new equipment
✓   West Grove Park grading was completed providing enough space for use by residents
✓   Property has been purchased in Concord Crossings for a future park
✓   We have received $40,000 in grants and donations from the Realtor’s Association for our parks.
✓   The West Grove pavilion was scheduled to be built this year but was delayed due to Covid 19 and we will be rescheduled for 2021.
✓   In area of Water & Sewer changes were made in management and new and empty homes are now sharing in the billing. The billable properties have gone from 1,700 four years ago to 2,200 today. For the first time ever Water & Sewer did not need additional funds from the General fund and it is now self-sufficient.
✓   We will have a new public work building in the next few years. A grant of $200,000 was an enormous step along with our savings over the year for the capital improvement.
✓   A grant for water drainage and work has been secured for drainage issues on Washington Street.
✓   We spent the last 4 years working on many drainage issues and have corrected many issues from the Waco Lift stations and many of the retention ponds.